Stone tile cleaning tips

Natural Stone cleaning tips for beginners

Author: Nadheera Senasinghe | Published on: Jan 05 2020 | Tags: Stone Cleaning, Tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile & grout protection, natural stone cleaning, stone cleaning, natural stone protection, Homemade tile cleaners, tile cleaning chemicals

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Natural stone will give a great & elegant look to your home. However cleaning it regularly is an absolute must if you want to keep your tiles look great. But cleaning your natural stone without the proper equipment or chemicals will damage the stone. Hence this week’s blog from us at TSA is aimed at helping you get around some proper cleaning techniques and include tips on what to use in the process so that you wont damage your beautiful stone floor.


Tip # 1 – Never use one cleaner for all types of Stone

If you don’t have much experience or expertise in tile cleaning, this might be something that you might overlook. It might be convenient for you to use a single tile or stone cleaning chemical on all surfaces but its not good for the stone. Different stones have different properties and so does the cleaning agents. All stone cleaning products have different chemical combinations that target a certain type of stone and there is no single stone cleaning chemical that can effectively clean all types of stone. Hence if you use the wrong stone cleaner on the wrong stone then the chances are that you would damage the stone sealer and on worst case cause etching, scratches or chipping of stone surface or tile. Therefore always check the label or ask the seller for instructions on which types of stone the cleaning chemical would work on.
organic cleaning agents for tiles

Tip #2 – Natural is always not the best.

With the world moving towards all natural products when it comes to almost anything, the cleaning industry is no exception. You might get bombarded by any google search or cleaning guru on the simple organic cleaning agent; lime juice or vinegar. Most people including so called cleaning gurus or experts might tell you that these organic and natural cleaning agents can clean any surface easily and give the same if not better result. While this does have some truth to it, it also needs to be used with caution when  it comes to natural stone tiles. As a rule of the thumb we all can agree that both lime and vinegar are highly acidic. On the other hand some types of stone such as marble, travertine and limestone consist calcium carbonate which is highly reactive with anything acidic. Hence if you clean with these organic products the chances are that you will actually damage the tile.

Tip # 3 Select the proper PH level cleaner

Always select a stone cleaner agent with neutral ph and less acidic. Typically a PH level of 7 is considered as a neutral PH and hence is ideal for any type of tile. However for stones that maybe very dirty with grime, you may select an alkaline or high PH tile cleaning chemical agent. But remember though to keep away from acidic low PH tile cleaning chemicals unless the tile consist of layers of irremovable dirt and grime stuck to it. Even in these cases quickly use it to dissolve hard dirt and then wash it off with water to reduce the acidity.


selecting the correct chemical for stone cleaning


 Tip # 4 – Use different rags, mops and brushes for different surfaces

 When it comes to stone cleaning equipment it is an absolute must to have specific equipment such as rags, mops and or brushes just for the specific stone surface. If you have stone surfaces that are made from multiple types of stone (for instance marble floor and granite counter-top) then you’ll have to have separate equipment for each surface. This is to ensure that any excess residue or cleaning chemical from these equipment left our from previous cleans will not get into contact with the stone. 
Tile cleaning rags TSA


These are some of the most essential tips to remember when cleaning your tiles. In addition to this if you are planning to hire a proper tile cleaner then always remember to check that they comply with these tips. If you are planning to hire a reliable tile cleaner to take care of your natural stone floor, you can always contact us and well gladly help you through.