TSA stone cleaning around pool-pool

Stone sealing & color enhancement for your Outdoor stone surface is the Best Protection for this summer.

Author: Nadheera Senasinghe | Published on: Dec 10 2019 | Tags: Stone Cleaning, Tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile & grout protection, natural stone cleaning, stone cleaning, natural stone color enhancement, stone protection

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Its Summer! Its time to head outdoors and enjoy the sun by the side of your pool. “But wait!! the stone around my pool and decks are all dirty & ugly.” Is this something that happens to you quite often? Then this article from us at TSA is for you.

Stone is a great flooring material for the outdoor pools areas, deck, patios & other floor areas. It’s sturdy, long lasting, strong & relatively easy to maintain. Also its rather pleasing to look at and it clearly matches the pool areas. However over time stone tends to loose colour & look quite unpleasant. This happens because of the negative affects of weather that it has to whither outdoors.  Nevertheless, there are some solutions for this problem & our expert cleaners at Tile Solution Australia are going to share some of the industry secrets that will help you.

What is sealing

Sealing creates a protective layer on your stone & grout which in turn reduce the harm caused by staining or spills. The first thing you need to know about sealers are that there are 2 different types of sealers; Surface sealers & penetrating sealers. Surface sealers also known as coating or topical is used to create a protective layer on the surface of a floor. Meanwhile penetrating sealers will be used to penetrate the stone to fill up. Furthermore, the sealers come in different types such as water-based, oil-based, lacquer-based, and solvent-based.


What is colour enhancement?

It might be something that your not quite familiar with but to simply explain its a type of a sealer that is used to darken colour tones of natural stone so that its characteristics are highlighted. The right sealer and color combination should depend on the material that your stone is made of. Correctly applied the color enhancements coupled with the sealers would give your a great finish to your stone surface.

Stone sealing by TSA


Why is stone sealing so important

Other than the obvious reasons of “making the floor look good” or “ensuring an easier clean” untreated stone surfaces would last as long as sealed ones. That’s right, stone that is sealed increases the overall lifetime of the surface. But you might think that stone is quite strong and last long anyways. And you are correct but also not so correct. Let me explain the reason.
You see stone is a porous material and over time it could absorb anything that spills on top of it. Of course its not as porous or absorbent as something like a sponge, but to a certain extent it is. The weather can also put a great deal of strain on your stone floor. However, this greatly depends on the hardness of the stone as some soft stones can easily be damaged by the sun or the rain. Specifically if the area you are living in is prone to acid rain or similar events your stone might get damaged pretty much quickly. In addition to this stones in contact with chlorinated water such as near swimming pools or fountains are quite prone to damage. Hence it is important to select a tough stone such as granite for those areas. Furthermore sealing will help the stone last longer.

How often should stone be sealed.

 It actually depends on several environmental factors such as foot traffic, weather conditions, exposure to water or rain and others. Typically its quite difficult to exactly pinpoint a fixed time. But if your floor is exposed to bad elements most of the time such as water from a swimming pool or fountain or even acid rain, our advice is to seal it at least once a year.
Stone cleaning increase safety

We at TSA hope that you found this article very informative. If you want to book with us call now on 0487 878 826 or just email us on enquiries@tilesolution.net.au. Also give us your valuable feedback and ask any questions in the comments section below.

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