Types of Tiles

Many options exist for floors today. Instead of using hardwood or carpet, many choose tile for flooring. Tile flooring has several benefits. It comes in a variety of colors and textures based on preference. Tile cleaning and maintenance of these floors is easy when finished.  However, many wonder about the differences in tile. What type of tile works best in which room?The fact is tiles comes in many styles. Each type of tile gets created with different materials. These materials and the method of creation determine the characteristics of tile. Each type is unique and offers a different look and feel when placed in a room.

Type Types

  • Porcelain
This type of tile very is popular, traditional ceramic tile is non-porcelain. Non-porcelain ceramic is economical and best for a budget. It is also easier to work with. However, Porcelain offers more durability and resistance to stains. Porcelain tiles are very hard wearing and can be used on walls and floors.
  • Terracotta
Tiles are a very porous tile thus needing to be looked after very carefully, with natural stone, it has to be cleaned regularly and sealed. We provide a full cleaning and restoration service and have multiple cleaning solutions for different situations.
  • Ceramic
Tiles are very popular because of their durability, they are water and scratch resistant. Ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly, and are manufactured using natural materials, thus not retaining any odours, allergens or harmful bacteria.
  • Natural Stone Tile
Many choose natural stone over ceramic. These tiles come from natural materials cut and shaped. There are thousands of varieties to choose from. Most have distinguishing characteristics based on where they got quarried. However, many fall under specific general categories.
  • Granite
The granite is dense and hard. It stands out with a unique appearance caused by veining and speckled minerals within, its strength and density make it scratch and damage resistant once laid. It also comes in a variety of colors. This stone tile works in any area with high foot traffic.
  • Marble
The marble tile doesn’t get used as often as granite and is a very soft stone which can be scratched and marked. It comes from a metamorphic rock with rich veining. The problem is that it is a porous rock. Unlike granite, it absorbs liquid quickly. It isn’t recommended for using in kitchens or areas with a lot of foot traffic. We can restore your beautiful marble floors using the proper tools and solutions. Marble should always be sealed with a sealer that can penetrate to prevent chipping and cracking. We can work to remove scratches from your valuable marble by using a process called diamond polishing.
  • Travertine
This type comes from a limestone. The tile has a crystallized appearance and earthy tone which is unusual. This stone is soft and porous with natural divots. This makes it impossible to polish or hone until the divots get filled. This stone is easily scratched and requires special care when sealing. Therefore, it isn’t recommended this type be used in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Slate
Tile has become one of the most popular surfaces being installed on kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home improvement and new construction projects. Slate tile is used for, kitchen flooring, bathroom wall & floor tiling, and it is used for exterior use.General CleaningFloors should be considered an investment. The fact is, a ceramic tile floor can last 75-100 years. A stone floor lasts 100 years or more. The floors last a lifetime. It takes regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking nice and undamaged.A routine of daily sweeping with a dust mop or vacuum for hard surfaces needs developed. Dirt, dust, and sand do build up which may scratch the surface of the floor. Removing this layer daily lowers risk of scratching. A weekly routine of mopping with soap and water also removes dirt and sand build-up. It is best to avoid acidic, bleach, or abrasive cleaners unless the manufacturer specifies the tile can withstand the chemicals. Clean up any spills when they occur so the tile doesn’t absorb the substance and stain. Finally, mats or rugs make it easier to keep outside dirt and mud from being tracked over the floor.When it comes to general cleaning, ceramic and stone is more about routine than deep cleaning. However, when needing something more, it is best left to a professional service. If there are questions or concerns, contact us today for answers.   

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