Why you should avoid using Bleach to clean tiles!

Author: Nadheera Senasinghe | Published on: Jan 20 2020  | Tags: Tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile & grout protection, bleach tile cleaning, tile cleaning chemicals

Bleach is the go-to cleaning agent for most people when it comes to cleaning floors. But is it that good and does it harm the tile in the long run? We at Tile Solution Australia is here to help you to know all about bleach.

There are many brands of bleach powder available in the market but all of them has one active compound which is sodium hypochlorite. This is the chemical that kills all the bacteria, fungi and other harmful micro-organism. However, bleach is notoriously known as an ideal chemical that cleans tile & grout and most importantly as an whitening agent. Well this is true, but bleach also harms the tile and we have compiled a list of reasons why you shouldn’t use it.


selecting the correct chemical for stone cleaning


Firstly if you wondered why bleach can help whiten and clean tile and grout so well, the answer is that its just because bleach can strip off the colour of the tile and grout. In other words it just peels off a layer of the tile making the grout weak and eventually leading to complete replacement of it within a short period of time. 


Tile cleaning


Secondly, the biggest issue of bleach is the health problems it causes. If you have actually used bleach then you might have noticed the awful smell coming out of it. This is chlorine which is released when bleach reacts with water. For an adult human it might not be that harmful at first but continuous exposure can lead to ailments such as asthma. And it could be potentially lethal for small pets and also harm children due to allergies.


PH scale for bleach
An Education Poster of pH Scale illustration




So if bleach is so harmful for both tiles and health what alternative should you use? Well as the graphic above shows bleach is a very alkaline product and this is one reason why is is so good at disinfection. However, using an acidic chemical is similarly bad for the tile. Hence we recommend a PH neutral tile cleaning agent. Check tile cleaning agents for the PH and make sure to have a balanced PH tile cleaner so that to make sure that your tiles will last longer.

Nevertheless, cleaning your tiles could be a very difficult tasks and that’s why hiring a tile cleaner would be quite ideal for the work. However, you’ll need a tile cleaner that does a good job, is reliable, fast & cost less. We at Tile Solution Australia (TSA) is ready to help you with this with our best quality for the best price guarantee. So, call us now on 0487 878 826 or email us on enquiries@tilesolution.net.au. Also check our website www.tilesolution.net.au

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